How To Use  Zoom Key­board Short­cuts To Speed Up Your Work

There’s no need to introduce Zoom when it comes to video calls. Even though many large corporations are moving to Zoom for their digital meetings and conferences, many continue to use Skype or Google Hangouts. It only makes sense to learn certain shortcuts to the Zoom keyboard to speed up your development in today’s market.

Zoom jumped from 10 million users to 200 million in only four months. Several people have relied on it as their go-to method for holding trouble-free conferences. Additionally, questions have been expressed about the security and privacy of information sent during video calls on Zoom.

Several reasons have contributed to the rapid rise in popularity of this software. Easy to use Zoom features include a quick-join tool and a virtual backdrop, and screen-sharing and screen recording capabilities. Using the app’s keyboard shortcuts, you may quickly navigate through the app’s many settings.

Zoom Keyboard Shortcuts

There are eleven (11) great Zoom keyboard shortcuts for Windows PCs and Macs that we’ll cover in this post. Let’s get started.

1. Participate in the Meeting

Everyone should have this. Using shortcuts, you may attend a meeting from any app interface in seconds. You may join an existing meeting by pressing Command + J on macOS or Alt + J for Windows. Join the Meeting by using the shortcut, adding the invite link, and following the on-screen instructions.

2.Inviting a Friend

Invite someone to join the current Meeting over a phone conversation. Invite participants to the call using a keyboard shortcut instead than clicking on little buttons. Open the welcome page by pressing Command + T on a Mac or Alt + T on a Windows computer to enter the guest’s email address or copy the URL from the phone call.

3. Start And Stop Screen Sharing

Using Zoom’s screen-sharing capability, you may share your screen with other Zoom participants in real-time. It comes in handy while attempting to communicate a concept to a group of people. Alternatively, you may use the keyboard shortcut Shift + Command + S on macOS or Alt + S on Windows to share the screen. The same shortcut may also be used to end screen sharing. Alternatively, check out our list of the best free AutoCAD alternatives for 2022.

4. Pause/Resume the Screen Sharing.

If you need to take a break from screen sharing, you can do so at any time. Any interference, no matter how little, might be a contributing element. Shift + Command + T keyboard shortcut for macOS or Alt + T keyboard shortcut for Windows are the fastest ways to access the pause button. Repeat this Command to restart the display sharing.

5. Raise your hand 

Zoom’s complimentary technique allows you to organize a conference with as many as 100 participants at once. The number of paying subscribers has been increased to a maximum of a thousand. Imagine a circumstance where you have hundreds of people in a room, and it’s impossible to keep up with everyone’s thoughts. The good news is that Zoom has included a raise hand feature that allows you to communicate your thoughts to the presenter. Option + Y (Mac) or Alt + Y (Windows) can be used to perform this task.

6. Arrange a Conference Call

A Zoom conference can be set up in several ways. Use the home screen’s “Schedule a Meeting” button, Zoom web or the keyboard shortcut to get this done quickly and easily. A conference on Zoom may be scheduled using this way. Every time I need to put together a meeting, I turn to it. This is done by pressing Command + D (Mac) or Ctrl + D (Windows) to bring up the scheduling window. Establishing meetings includes details such as start and end times, dates, passwords, and more.

7. Mute/Unmute Audio

You may wish to turn off your microphone during the Meeting. Instead of hunting around for that option, simply press Shift + Command + A on a Mac or Alt + A on a Windows computer.

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8. Host audio can be muted/unmuted

It might be difficult for hosts to keep track of so many people. Even when the visitors raise their hands to debate anything, it might happen rather frequently. Alt + M keyboard shortcut or Control + Command+M on macOS may be used by hosts to silence everyone else in the conference.

9. Resuming a Meeting Recording After a Pause

Zoom allows you to capture the entire Meeting and store it on your mobile device. This is an excellent feature, but you won’t want to record all of your activities. Attendees might record specific aspects of meetings. You may pause or resume the conference recording by pressing Alt + P on Windows or Shift + Command + P on macOS. Zoom video call records are searchable and editable on a Mac or PC.

10. Meeting adjourned

Zoom’s unique keyboard shortcuts make it easy to conclude sessions quickly. To conclude meetings, use Command + W on Mac or Alt + Q on Windows.

11. Chat with a Stranger

Like any other meeting tool, Zoom includes a chat feature for exchanging ideas with other members of your team. Ctrl + T (Windows) or Command + K (Mac) can be used to rapidly access the chat window.

Create Custom Zoom Keyboard Shortcuts

Zoom uses the keyboard shortcuts listed above by default. You have the option to remove or modify them. Zoom should be opened; then Settings > Keyboard Shortcuts should be accessed by double-tapping the keyboard shortcuts described above. Please erase it by clicking on it. You may now create a new keyboard shortcut on your laptop by tapping a certain combination of keys.

Conclusion : Learn how to use Zoom like a pro

These keyboard shortcuts allow you to save time by reducing the number of mouse clicks and speeding up Zoom. These keyboard shortcuts will save you time every day, whether you use them for personal or business purposes.

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