8 Best Modern Advanced Car Safety Features You Should Know

Today, cars sold in India come equipped with the world’s most cutting-edge safety features. A list of the most important ones, and some examples of the automobiles in which they may be found, follow. As could be expected, they’re all in the high-end and upscale market.

Blind-Spot Information System

Your side-view mirrors have deadly “blind areas,” and this technology is meant to help you avoid them. The system also detects high-speed vehicles approaching your vehicle when it senses such behavior from another car. A light embedded into the side view mirror lights alerts you to its existence.

Reversing Assistant

BMW’s reversing assistant is a brand-new, never-before-seen innovation in reverse-assist technology. When you find yourself in that situation, the ability to change in a tight, difficult-to-maneuver roadway is a lifesaver. There’s no need to worry about reversing your automobile; all you have to do is click a button. It retraced the first 50 meters and will return you to where you started (we’d want to test how it would operate in India).

Adaptive Cruise Control.

Cruise control systems have gone far beyond just keeping a vehicle at a particular place; they may now be utilized to save lives. The system applies the brakes aggressively and tightens the seatbelts to avoid a collision. When the lane is free or traffic speeds up, the car will revert to its usual cruising pace without your intervention.

Active Roll Mitigation

The risk of a car skidding off the road or colliding with another vehicle is also present when drivers are traveling too quickly around tight bends, aside from the apparent danger of a head-on collision. The Active Roll Mitigation system will use the brakes and adjust the throttle to assist you in regaining and maintaining control of your vehicle in certain situations.

Pre-Safe Sound

In the event of a collision, Mercedes-pre-safe Benz’s sound system protects the driver’s and front passenger’s ears from becoming permanently deafened. During a car collision, shattering glass and metal cracking may be heard at more than 165 dB. This noise can cause lasting hearing loss. Human ears are prepared for solid noises if an approaching accident is detected by Pre-Safe Sound, which produces a sound known as “pink noise.” Pink noise, which has a decibel level of about 80, causes the ear muscles to tighten reflexively, preparing the eardrum for the loud sounds of a crash.

Emergency Response

When your automobile is involved in an accident or is damaged by another vehicle, the emergency response system instantly disconnects the battery connection from the alternator. It turns on your parking lights to protect the car and you. In an accident, BMW vehicles’ emergency response systems send a notification to the company’s response center, which then notifies the local police or fire department.

Night Vision Assist

Thermal imaging cameras are mounted on the front of the vehicle to provide night-vision assistance. The cameras scan the heat signatures of every object within 1000 feet of the camera to identify animals or people. It is possible to produce a picture of the person or animal in question, and this image will be shown between the instrument clusters on the dashboard to serve as an alarm for the driver.

Driver Fatigue Alert

If drivers’ driving skills are unpredictable or they regularly leave their lane, these systems will flag the problem. A bell sounds, and the plan proposes that you take a rest. Using the car’s GPS, it will locate a rest stop or coffee shop and notify the driver.

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